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Winter Weather Advisory

A couple of territories of solidifying sprinkle incited a Winter Weather Advisory for Hartford County until early afternoon Friday.

Look at Today's Wintry Weather

Hundreds of schools chose to close for the day Tuesday before the snow began falling while a few others chose to close early.

Tracking a Winter Storm for Tuesday

Live Weather Connecticut meteorologists have issued a First Alert for Tuesday and Wednesday as a tempest framework is required to convey a snowy blend to the state.

Live Weather Forecast

After a waiting line of showers dropped both cool downpour and wet snow for some morning workers, Wednesday got out in a dazzling manner, and we wrapped the day with some superb daylight. What's more, more where originated from! We're going into a pleasant 36 hours or so of dry climate, and it will be decent to grasp a tad of blue sky for a change this month.

Incompletely to for the most part starry skies will take into account a faster chill off, and temperatures will hit rock bottom during the 20s outside of Seattle before sun-up on Thursday morning. We'll see a few zones of thick mist around then, and on account of the cool readings, a portion of that haze may solidify up and make inconsistent dark ice. Be that as it may, primarily blue skies make a rebound genuinely quick, and Thursday evening will be an extraordinary one for getting out for stroll at Green Lake, a bicycle ride on the Burke, or a ship ride to San Juan Island.

The break won't keep going long. Another aggravation hustling in will send the mists directly back in for this last few days of February. Search for expanding mists effectively late Thursday night, with downpour moving once again into the coast by Friday morning. The precipitation is back along I-5 by late morning, and in spite of the fact that it could incorporate some underlying wet snow chips close ocean level, the swamps should see essentially rain and temperatures in the low to center 40s. The mountains, notwithstanding, will see overwhelming snow, so search for troublesome pass travel again by Friday evening.

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